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AB-5 Fact Sheet

A detailed report from the Office of Assemblywoman Gonzalez

White Paper (Updated Feb. 2020)

California Assembly Bill 5 and Worker Misclassification: Their Effects on Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations 

PowerPoint Presentation

The Information Session presented on December 6, 2019 for the San Diego region's arts, culture and creative sector

About this Site

In September 2019 California legislators passed Assembly Bill 5 (aka AB-5) which codified the ABC Test for determining whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor. What has followed is a lot of confusion, concern and questions about what it means, how it applies to arts and culture organizations and what the alternatives are. 

At this time, Californians for the Arts is working to get a clearer interpretation of the bill's "fine artists" exemption as well as pursuiing other possible language for exemptions for arts and culture workers. 

Until then, organizations are encouraged to comply with this new employment law. 

This website is designed to provide up to date information on AB-5 in a single location for easy access. If you would like to be on a mailing list for future updates, please use the sign-up pop-up.

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Nothing on the site or linked to the site should be considered legal advice. This stuff is complicated and its application and implications are different for every organization and every person. Please, please consult with an employment attorney and/or an HR professional for assistance. It is worth the money.